LÉON’s Debut Album Is Filled With Infectious Indie-Pop Anthems


We have some amazing news for you… The album we have all been waiting for is finally here! That's right; we have been blessed with LÉON's self-titled debut album, and we are more than ecstatic to be indulging in the outstanding record for the rest of our now-fulfilled lives. Sweden's sweetheart LÉON is the epitome of indie-pop, with catchy melodies and touching lyricism galore, and her elegant style is truly one-of-a-kind in today's pop scene. 

With a seasoned cellist for a mother and a classical conductor and composer for a father, LÉON was more than likely to discover her undeniable passion for music at an early age. By the time she was 21, LÉON signed with Columbia Records and later debuted her first EP, Treasures. After two more EP releases in the following years, LÉON is now back and better than ever with her highly-anticipated self-titled debut album.

As proven by every stunning track on her phenomenal self-titled record, LÉON really does have a special gift for emotive songwriting and she does not withhold her talents from us the slightest bit. The elusive opening track, "Lost Time" begins with an alluring organ, later joined by LÉON's imposing vocals. The heart-wrenching "Falling" switches gears as the soul-stirring album is introduced to jaunty synths and inviting percussion, all while melodically discussing a lighter topic. "Hope Is A Heartache" is a standout track that focuses on the powerful forces of love that completely invalidate external pressures and leaves you convinced that true love exists.

A piano-driven ballad with beautiful melodies, "Come Home To Me" reminisces on an undying connection between two people that revolves around constant forgiveness and acceptance of the other's flaws. "Better In The Dark" is a seductive song that suggests people are their purest selves when they are in an intimate setting with just one other person. LÉON closes the terrific album with the soaring "You And I," which she has credited as the first song she wrote for this project. With booming electronics, "You And I" sees LÉON contemplating a destructive relationship between two people who may not necessarily be good for each other, but they simply cannot deny that they both sense an irresistible connection.

On her debut self-titled album, LÉON reflected:

"Over the past few years, I've learned how to go with my gut and steer the wheel myself. If it doesn't feel right to me, I don't pursue it. In the end, I stand behind the music I make, and I'm in control I knew exactly what I wanted. I hear certain instruments in my head and bring in those influences. This time, I really honed in on a sound–it's something I've had in my head forever, but didn't bring to life until now."

Treat yourself to LÉON's debut self-titled album below, and do not forget to grab your tickets to LÉON's upcoming 'You And I' Tour while you still can.


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