Late Nights In Your Car Just Became a Whole Lot Lonelier with Suriel Hess' "Sick of You"

Your late night driving playlist just grew by two and a half minutes. Suriel Hess' "Sick of You" puts you in a trance of emotion that'll have you dwelling on the past and the people you thought you left behind. This passionate powerhouse of a song may be the perfectly dangerous song that will leave you rethinking everything.

Relating to your audience is an artist's overall goal in writing any song. But for Suriel Hess, it's second nature. His ability to connect with you on an intimate level brings a sense of comfort that's almost indescribable, but it feels right and we won't give it a second thought. He lets us into a personal part of his life. A significant other in whom he sees no flaws. No matter all the mistakes, all of the quirks, all of their faults, it only brings him closer to them. It's love that grows stronger day by day. Suriel explains that it's simply a story of just never getting sick of the person who trumps anyone else.

"​I just wanted to tell the story of what I, and I'm sure many others, have been experiencing during such an unexpected time. When you spend so much time with someone you care about, you notice literally every detail. And this is my story of never getting 'sick' of any of them."

Accompanied by two of the best writers around right now, Peter Fenn and Jesse Fink, the trio created a sentimental acoustic pop anthem nobody was ready for. An emotional rollercoaster of a song you can't nearly prepare for even after listening to it multiple times. Suriel Hess' vocals drift over the spacey production so elegantly you can't help but melt with every word he says. His fingers dance over the guitar strings so peacefully, you play it back in your head even after the song has wrapped. An 'I love you' song hasn't hit so hard in so long, and that's okay because we're absolutely blessed with this piece. As his first release for 2021, "Sick of You" is just the beginning of an incredible year ahead for young Hess.