Laura Marano Needs to Be “Honest With You”


Laura Marano is a polymath after our hearts. The classically-trained singer songwriter is most well known as "Ally" on the Disney Channel series "Austin & Ally" but it's time for her music to take center stage. When she released "Boombox" in 2016, it was well received and helped her successfully add "promising pop solo artist" to her already impressive resume. Her 2019 debut EP, ME, built upon that excitement. Today, she's back with "Honest With You."

"Honest With You" is a modern pop song. Its effectiveness is driven by Laura's relatability and vulnerability instead of studio tricks and industry schticks. Speaking on the song, Marano shares,

When I wrote this song, I had a specific purpose in mind. As I was getting more serious with someone I was dating, I started getting into the intimidating/scary phase of a relationship: The honest about feelings phase.  A little bit before, I had written a song called, "Lie to Me" that was all about the exciting first part of a relationship and not needing anything substantial and real because the only truth was we were just having fun; but what happens when you find yourself deeper and deeper into that same relationship, when the need to be vulnerable is inevitable, when you realize it's time for transparency and honesty? "Honest with You" was born in finding that answer. This song is as raw and simple as Lie to Me is fun and upbeat, and as a result, Honest With You highlights both sonically and lyrically how the sound in my upcoming EP, You, has evolved from the EP I released last year, Me.

Listen to "Honest With You" below.