Lauren Sanderson Makes Peace with Heartbreak on “Hi.”

Photo By Jade DeRose

Matching her gentle, crooning vocals with a soft, mellow production, Lauren Sanderson's latest single "Hi." is a soothing ballad about reconciling with heartbreak.

Lauren says of the track,

"I never knew heartbreak til I had to let go of someone I was still madly in love with. This song is everything I wish I could tell her if we could forget about our pain for one moment and go back to the euphoria of meeting for the first time."

"Hi." is subtle and understated, exemplifying how deafening silence can be. Like the eerie calm after a storm, the track embodies the unsettling quiet that follows after finally accepting a relationship's end and realizing there's nothing left to say. The song is embedded with nostalgia, as listeners hear Sanderson reconcile with the past while still fighting the naïve optimism that the relationship could be saved. Unable to resist the temptation of sending a late-night text in hopes of sparking a conversation and rekindling a connection, Sanderson divulges this mistake with an enviable, yet subtle confidence.

Break-ups are hard. But making peace with the absence of someone despite the love exchanged and memories shared is an unparalleled challenge. "Hi." showcases Sanderson's emotive musicality as she navigates this experience, imperfectly but honestly.