Lauren Sanderson’s “To The People I Hurt” Is a Raw Moment of Introspection


Lauren Sanderson has steadily been teasing her debut album, Midwest Kids Can Make It Big, with a series of emotive singles and a year that included a sold-out tour in support of FINNEAS. Her latest single arrives as the last taste of her highly-anticipated debut and sees her stepping back into a poignant moment of reflection.

In spite of its name, "To The People I Hurt" is not an apology in the traditional sense. Rather, it is an examination of why we hurt each other told against the backdrop of a lone, warm acoustic guitar. "Everybody hurts somebody sometimes / And we know that we do / But do we know the reason why? / I got it from you / You got it from who," ponders Sanderson in a moment that allows for introspection for both herself and her listeners.

"To The People I Hurt," with its heart-piercing honesty and candid references to Sanderson's own life growing up in the Midwest, is a nigh-perfect final look of what is in store for us on Midwest Kids Can Make It Big. It paints a picture of Sanderson as an artist whose talent for empathic songwriting is only matched by her raw, flawless delivery.

Listen to "To The People I Hurt" below:

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