lemin. - “New Friend” [Live + Interview] | Northside Sessions

Blending the most enticing elements of R&B, electronica, punk rock, and pop, it has been quite some time since we have heard a voice as entrancing as lemin. Emerging from London, Ontario, last year much to our acclaim, her poignant lyricism underscored immaculate production presented on her debut project, hold A, had us floored. So much so, that we just could not wait any longer to invite this resounding new Canadian talent to perform "New Friend" as part of our ongoing Northside Sessions series.


Photo Credit: Ziyaad Haniff

Like much great art, lemin.'s hold A was inspired by a breakup. Currently being released in three parts, the unconventional debut represents the changing stages of life post-breakup: heartbreak, anger, and eventual acceptance. Transforming memories of love and loss into ethereal sonic meditations on the expanse of human emotion, lemin. is an artist who pulls you under her spell and does not let go. Then again, this is a trance you will not want to be breaking free from anytime soon.

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