Let Amber Olivier’s Silk-lined Voice Keep You Warm This Winter [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


There is no denying the resurgence of R&B. The genre has exploded, growing in dominance and popularity making room for captivating artists to share the spotlight. Today, we shine that light on a new artist deserving of the attention, Amber Olivier. The North London singer-songwriter has a silk-lining to her voice that beautifully drapes over familiar yet refreshing R&B production. 

Molded by the sounds of R&B giants of the 80's and 90's, Olivier fell in love with music at an early age. Beginning to write at 17 years old quickly set Olivier on a musical journey, even if she didn't know it herself. Unrelenting encouragement from Sonder front-man, Brent Faiyaz, quickly changed Olivier's mind about turning her passion into a career.

Amber Olivier first appeared on Sonder's 2016 mix, "Sheath," delivering a stripped rendition of her song, "One Unread." The successful collaboration with Sonder producers; Dpat and Atu would secure a spot for Olivier on Brent Faiyaz's self-funded record label, Lost Kids. The independent label would assist Amber in releasing her self-titled EP debut two years later. 


Released in early February of this year, Amber Olivier introduced herself to the world with a compact yet impactful EP. Highlighting her unique abilities as a vocalist and songwriter, Olivier delivered an honest, diary-like delve into her love life. Olivier's vulnerability is intoxicating, capturing love's bliss, absence and understanding. The combination of her sultry voice with elite R&B production from Masego, Paperboy Fabe and Sonder result in an eclectic EP with immense replay value. 

Quiet since the release of her EP, Amber Olivier recently resurfaced to share the first visual for her stand out track, "One Unread." Beautifully representing the absence of love, Olivier sits alone in the desert only accompanied by the fleeting memories of her lost partner. The Sade-inspired video has us eager to see how Olivier will bring the rest of her catalog to life. 

Clearly, Amber Olivier has only just begun. Her impressive debut marks an important milestone in her career as we patiently await the release of more new music. An artist with her malleability and talent only assures us that Olivier is here for the long run. We will continue to watch Amber's career closely as she undoubtedly will be making waves in the new year. 

Listen to self-titled EP below: