Lewis Capaldi Just Wants a Cuddle in “Hold Me While You Wait”


Six months of love and dedication, and for what? For the love of his life to walk out and hate him, or so Lewis Capaldi says in his latest single "Hold Me While You Wait." The single is a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping preview of his debut album Divinely Uninspired To a Hellish Extent, set to release May 17. Unlike the tear-jerking song itself, Capaldi somehow makes his heartbreak into an amusing tale on his, now infamous, Instagram stories.

Gaining over a million followers seemingly overnight, the self-proclaimed "big fat sexy jungle cat" has been taking the world by storm. Selling out his entire world tour, including two nights at Wembley in England, Capaldi can be found breaking hearts internationally, an extremely impressive feat for someone with only 9 songs released. Not only has he sold out his entire tour, but he kept residence at the number one spot on the charts for seven weeks with the gut-wrenching "Someone You Loved." Song after song, Capaldi has been inducing emotional breakdowns and "Hold Me While You Wait" is no different, curing his fear of being a "one hit wonder." 

We've all been there. Staring into the eyes of someone who doesn't care for us as much as we care for them. We want to hold them, feel the butterflies once again, just like at the beginning. Capaldi's lover wants to leave, but all he wants is one more cuddle, one more hug. He commented, "Nothing a couple of hugs can't fix." Sadly, his hugs couldn't fix this one.

Capaldi sings from a place deep within his soul that most of us will never find. His deep, passionate voice transports us to his melancholic world of loneliness and sorrow, and we aren't complaining. There's something special about hearing that hard-hitting voice sing "I wish that I was good enough.. I wish you cared a little more" that has us yearning to reach out and give the lonely Tinder swiper all the hugs in the world.

In less than 24 hours, Capaldi has racked up over a million streams on "Hold Me While You Wait." Be one of the millions flocking to this icon and help the lonesome Lewis Capaldi feel a little less isolated with your support in "Hold Me While You Wait" down below:

+ Be sure to catch Capaldi when he hits the road this summer across America.