Lewis Capaldi Reflects in “Before You Go,” His Most Personal Tune to Date


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When asked who is America's sweetheart, many answers readily come to mind, but only one of those is correct. Scottish-as-all-hell Lewis Capaldi is undeniably America's crowning achievement, or at least that's what his current spot at the top of the Billboard charts would lead us to believe. From begging to play small shows in bars to preparing to open for Niall Horan on his 2020 tour, Capaldi's journey is as perfect an underdog story as they come.

Now, crowned both a Billboard number one artist and America's sweetheart, Capaldi's latest single sees him taking a step back to reflect in his most personal tune to date. "Before You Go" is classic Capaldi at his finest. Sparse in instrumentation, beyond the occasional surges that only seem to rise to match the effortless grace of his voice, the breadth of the emotional weight lies solely in the Scottish artist's heart-rending lyricism and undeniable vocal prowess.

"Before You Go" is a tried-and-true song of heartbreak, one that is not looking to place blame but solve those questions lacking answers. "So, before you go / Was there something I could've said / To make it all stop hurting? / It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless," ponders Capaldi in a pained agony. 

The ensuing maelstrom of self-questioning leaves the listener begging the question of if Capaldi's still-bleeding heart is not necessarily romantic in nature but the result of a greater sense of loss. Capaldi spoke further on "Before You Go" in a heartfelt Instagram post, sharing,

"This past year has been absolutely wild, didn't in a million years think all of this stuff would happen to me. Less than two years ago I was lucky enough to get a gig in small pubs and bars back home in Scotland and somehow am writing with a number one single in American and getting to play to and meet thousands of ya every night all over the world!"

Listen to "Before You Go" below: