LIA LIA’s “Night Call” Is Pop for After Midnight

Photo by Rob Kulisek

Berlin-based vocalist and songwriter LIA LIA gets into an autumn vibe with her new single “Night Call,” a cooling tonic of sound adding mystery to the shortening days, a plea for something to end and begin anew.

Its pulsing beat, extended synths and sultry vocals also make it a perfect fit for visuals; the tempo and cadence are perfect for contemplative scene changes. This is something LIA LIA and director Jannik Schneider took advantage of, delivering what I expect to be one of the video sleepers of the year. For fans of animé and Kill Bill, this is a virtuoso of savvy references. LIA LIA’s look, that of a comic protagonist, suits the settings perfectly.

The song grew from a genesis of separateness. “I was lonely and disconnected from the world, waiting for something or someone to rescue me from my boredom,” LIA LIA said. Sub ironically she’s cast herself in a surreal dream vision that is the perfect antidote for quarantined ennui. Awakened into her own dream state LIA is stuck in school, anxious and alone whereby she awakens Ryū, a water dragon spirit in human form, who she then battles.

The whole concept is aided by LIA’s near fantastical look, always dripped in her own imagery as she plays out each character in the story. Judging by the song’s title the whole sequence is meant for late night affairs and dream-state operations. Given that Halloween is approaching, if you are looking for post-sunset inspiration look no further than “Night Call.”