LIZ and Slayyyter’s Radiant Collab Shines Like a “Diamond In the Dark”

Photo: Brian Ziff / Axel Bizzari

There is something about electronic music that transcends the tangible world. Maybe it's the fusion of acoustic elements with striking synthetic elements extrapolated from the boundless imagination of the human mind that begins to explain dance music's inherent and universal appeal. And when you blend those celestial sounds with an addictively empowering message, you have got yourself a sonic supernova courtesy of LIZ and Slayyyter. 

Today, sees the electro enchantresses releasing "Diamond In the Dark," a collaboration that will transport you to a glowing foreign universe of bubblegum bliss, radiant royalty, and infectious self-love. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar, following the release of her Cross Your Heart Mixtape, LIZ earned the title of "First Lady" of Diplo's growing EDM empire, Mad Decent. With enough star power to reach the heavens and a message that everyone needs to hear, LIZ is about to blast off into the electro soundscape and rule it like the glittering galactic queen that she is. You might want to put your sunglasses on. 

LIZ spoke on her new radiant with Slayyyter sharing,

"'Diamond In the Dark' is about celebrating the value in your own vulnerability, and continuing to love hard even though people may have taken you for granted in the past. I am unapologetically myself and do think it takes people time to unravel all of my layers sometimes. I often feel unseen or misunderstood in various ways. I think many can relate to that. It's essentially up to others to recognize your specialness and rareness or else you could be gone like a shooting star. The vibe of this track was particularly inspired by DJ Sammy. Dylan [Brady] and I listened to 'Heaven' in our studio session and we really wanted to make an anthemic bop that captured that same kind of emotion and sonic nostalgia."

Watch the video for "Diamond in the Dark" below:

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