Lostboycrow Embodies Dreamy Summer Days with Live “Orange Juice” Video [PREMIERE]

Photo Credit: Raelena Kniff

Wind through your hair. Salty sea air in your lungs. Childhood friends laughing beside you. We're not entirely sure how, but Lostboycrow has managed to capture the very essence of a nostalgic summer road trip in his latest release, "Orange Juice," a song that will twirl through your head long after its final notes.

This latest release is the first single from the Santa Fe [Live at Lucy's Meat Market] EP, featuring live-in-studio versions of songs from Lostboycrow's debut album, Santa Fe, released in April 2019.

"Orange Juice" drips in summertime vibes, equal parts wistful longing and uncomplicated joy. Lostboycrow's deliciously smooth croons soar over a lush soundscape of multi-part harmonies and groovy guitar licks, resulting in a hypnotizing blend of surf-rock and R&B that we simply cannot get enough of.

In the video, late afternoon sunlight flares shine through the studio's window, adding to the soothing haze of the song's laidback aura. Shot with a handheld camera style, the video invites the viewer into the studio with the band, capturing an authentic and unpretentious depiction of musical performance. This bare-bones approach allows the song to speak for itself in all its dreamy, poetic glory.

Lostboycrow shared the inspiration behind the video exclusively with Ones to Watch,

"'Orange Juice' is about the clarity that can come from making peace with the unknown. I chose to record the songs at Lucy's Meat Market after reimagining the songs with the live band. It seemed like a good space to bridge the gap between what people had been hearing/streaming and what they might see at a show. It's just a great room with an awesome engineer (Pete Min)."

Get your first look at "Orange Juice" below:

Make sure to check out Lostboycrow this fall on tour with flor, presented by Ones to Watch.