When Life Gave LoveLeo “LEMONS,” He Made a Bop in His Bedroom


Photo: Josh Flores

There is something uniquely refreshing about LoveLeo. From his infectious brand of anti-pop to his consistently inventive music videos, Los Angeles-Based artist Leo Reilly has an undeniable and distinct vision. It is a unique vision he continues to make good on with his latest, quarantine-shot release.

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"LEMONS" follows hot on the heels of "ROSIE," a song which admittedly had us falling for the future of anti-pop after a single listen. “LEMONS" heightens that initial attraction as a deft illustration of LoveLeo's joyous approach to making music. From the very opening swell to the introduction of leftfield production elements that call to mind indie pop and acid jazz in the same breath, the outright thrill of every second is contagious.  

Accompanied by a music video that was shot whilst in quarantine at his Los Angeles apartment, the video is as much a treat as the song itself. The visual opens with a short intro, explaining, 

"So I had a whole music video planned for my song ‘LEMONS,’ there was gonna be race cars, explosions, maybe even an elephant, but life decided to give me a lemon…so I made this video entirely in my apartment with my two best friends, a green screen and 127 lemons. Stay safe, stay clean. Enjoy <3”

While we certainly miss the potential of LoveLeo acting parallel to an elephant, seeing what the anti-pop purveyor can do with a green screen, an impressive knowledge of editing software, and 127 lemons is an outright feast for the senses. And be sure to stick around after the credits, as we are treated to both a look at LoveLeo's award-winning mustache and the first listen to what may just be his next single.

Listen to "LEMONS" below: