LoveLeo’s "ROSIE” Has Us Falling For the Future of Anti Pop


Let's paint a picture. You're in your childhood bedroom and dinner is being made downstairs. You're rushing to finish either homework, a project, or an episode of your favorite show before dinnertime hits. LoveLeo knows what that feels like. Except, instead of working on homework or binge-watching The End of the F***ing World while waiting for his parents' chicken parmesan to be ready, LoveLeo made a song that went viral. And now he's back with his follow up single, "ROSIE."

LoveLeo, born Leo Reilly, showcased his ability to write simple, utterly catchy songs with the release of his debut single, "BOYFREN," which has amassed over 18 million streams on Spotify alone. Mind you, it has only been on Spotify for about two months.

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LoveLeo has done it again with "ROSIE." With a sound that is equally leftfield and infectious, Reilly creates his own unique path to playfulness in his music. This is evident through his lyrics, alone, with the chorus opening lines, "Ring around the rosie / Barely even know me / Pockets full of I don't care," a play on the classic sing-along, "Ring Around the Rosie." Like "BOYFREN," the release of the new single is also accompanied with a creative, vibrant video, which was co-directed by Reilly and can only be described as kinetic.

We often do not realize how big a moment is until after that moment has passed. It is anyone's guess as to whether or not LoveLeo knew those 45 minutes before dinner, in which he created the foundation for "BOYFREN," would change his life. Either way, we're thankful he did. And we're thankful it led us to "ROSIE."

Listen to "ROSIE" below: