Lovsky Returns With the Haunting “Masks”

San Francisco native Lovsky has been steadily improving from track to track. The singer-songwriter is best known for her smooth, angelic vocals and relatable storytelling. Recent singles "Stay," "Stay The Night," and "Hurricanes" see Lovsky's writing and vocals taking center stage. 

Lovsky is back with a new single "Masks," and it arrives hand in hand with an accompanying music video. "Masks" stands as one of Lovsky's most poetic singles to date. The track sees Lovsky reflecting on a failing relationship as each person slowly grows further apart from one another. The self-directed music video is a poignant accompaniment that heightens the haunting undercurrent of "Masks."

"Masks" is arguably Lovsky's best single to date, striking the perfect balance between infectious writing and emotive storytelling. Lovsky may only be at the beginning of her artistic journey, but it is safe to say her potential is clear as day.

Listen to "Masks" below: