Lucy Park Promises to Be “True to You” [Premiere]


Photo By: Tulula Docherty

Lucy Park is effortlessly cool. Completely unassuming, just a warm and comforting presence. Her music exudes an enviable level of self-assuredness, like someone's older sister that you can't help but idolize. In her latest single "True to You," Park radiates confidence and charm, resulting in a track you'll want to play on a loop.

The track is a slight deviation from Park's previous releases, but a welcomed change. "True to You" is an upbeat, bouncy song, while remaining aligned with the R&B influenced sound Park has previously boasted. The track's production is silky, melding perfectly with her soft and velvety vocals. Her casual delivery of the flirtatious lyrics radiates a playful energy, artfully mimicking the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

Since the release of her debut single "Rain" in August 2020, Park has proven to be a force within the new wave of R&B and Soul artists. With her captivating and intimate lyricism and irreplicable sound, Park no doubt has a bright future ahead.

Stream "True to You" below.