Luna Shadows Re-Imagines "Waves" with Dance-Inducing Music Video & Remix EP


LA artist Luna Shadows has made a name for herself with her stunning voice and unique take on alternative pop music. Fusing a melancholic sound with a west coast edge, she continues to dazzle with each and every release. What many people don't know, however, is that she's entirely DIY and oversees every part of both her music and visuals. And this week, she's released the official video for "Waves," in tandem with three new remixes of the song. 

The captivating video features a massive disco ball and a sequined-out Luna Shadows, dancing in various locations around LA. Toying with concepts
of infatuation and push and pull, Shadows brings these sentiments to the fore through her interpretive dance. She shared,

"Waves" is a song about holding on tightly and letting go lightly. I am very quick to fall in love & fall to pieces. Built into this song sonically & lyrically are competing rushes of melancholy and euphoria, overtaking one another for fleeting moments." 

Equally as exciting as the new video, are the three brand new remixes of "Waves," by RAC, The Naked and Famous, and Felix Cartal. RAC's mix is a tropical and chilled out take, while the other two are very EDM-leaning with heavy drops. Luna Shadows commented,

"As an anniversary celebration & a special thank you to my earliest fans, I wanted to re-release this song with several brand new official re-imaginings from some of my favorite producers & friends." 

Check them out below as they all offer something different: