Mabes Wonders If She’s “Too Young To Love”


Photo By: Kate Belm

Mabes is an enigma of sorts. When you first hear her sing, you would bet money that she was born and raised in Nashville but you would be mistaken. She crafted her country-tinged pop sound in Essex in the UK. Mabes picked up a guitar when was fifteen and used her fascination with Laura Marling to help her find her own authentic voice. Focusing on vulnerable storytelling, Mabes has made a name for herself with the success of her debut album Wait & See and her recent EP Keeping The Noise Down.

Keeping The Noise Down just released in May but she is already back with a new single, "Too Young To Love." On the song, Mabes wonders,

What is love? And how will I know when I feel it? / As we grow up, our love radar develops, and we find ourselves having romantic connections. / When it's reciprocated it's the closest thing to magic, but when circumstances change so can the 'perfect soul mate'. / How do we know when we've found love if we have yet to feel it before?

Good question. We don't know but listen to "Too Young To Love" below and maybe you can come up with your own answers.