Maggie Lindemann and Travis Barker Give “Friends Go” a Punk Makeover


Photo: Naserin Bogado

Maggie Lindemann doesn't play by anybody's rules. Many may call her style of music "pop," but for a genre that historically writes songs with a formulaic approach, Lindemann has a streak of shaking things up. Since 2015, the singer has been releasing single after single that maintain the infectious singability of pop while also borrowing elements from a myriad of other genres. Well, it seems that Lindemann is eager to show the world just how wide her range of influences is - on June 21, the artist released a second version of her summer smash, "Friends Go," featuring Travis Barker, legendary drummer of Blink-182.

The original release of "Friends Go" is still rather unique for a pop song, borrowing elements of ska in its blaring brass section and hiccupy guitar. However, this second version of the song takes on a markedly anti-pop identity that sounds like you might hear it on a stage at Warped Tour. The first feature of the reboot that stands out is Travis Barker's signature jackhammer drumming, but if that wasn't enough to awaken the punk in you, Lindemann swaps out the light dancehall strings for a veritable buzz saw of distorted rock guitar. On the track, Lindemann explained,

"I wanted to do a version of 'Friends Go' that had a bit more of a punk feel because that's my favorite type of music. When I first recorded the song, I wanted to do multiple versions. I feel like the song is very versatile and wanted to kinda explore different genres! I love the Travis version, it's one of my favorite songs I've done."

Complete with the tinny, lo-fi production quality of early 1990s punk records, take two of "Friends Go" hits just like the pavement in the skate park when you still couldn't land a kickflip. Maggie's full-length debut is set to drop later this year, but in the meantime, scratch your rebel itch with "Friends Go" featuring Travis Barker here: