Maggie Lindemann’s “Friends Go” Video Is Explosive, Literally


Photo: Naserin Bogado

The corner where ska and pop collide is Maggie Lindemann's latest track, "Friends Go." The intermixing of the two genres has resulted in a compelling single and music video that is blowing fans' minds and drawing them deeper into the 20-year-old pop singer's music.

"Friends Go," which was released on March 22, is layered with heavy instrumentals reminiscent of a No Doubt record. The song includes blaring trumpets, a stand-out bass, guitar brought to you be Lindemann herself, a notable change compared to her earlier songs, all paired with the pop singer's ruthless vocals.

The electrifying, almost retro pop track dives into the complications of relationships, how they alter over time. "Friends Go" is a piece of Lindemann's impending first full-length project, which is set to release later this year. Lindemann told ECHO Magazine that the track has multiple meanings, and with the recent release of the official music video, a specific message stood out.

"Death By Third Wheel," a short film directed by artist and filmmaker Van Alpert with the song as its soundtrack, shows the struggles of exclusion from friends and how Lindemann is very much done being a third wheel.  She's seen cruising around with friends and gradually, a distance between her and the two becomes more and more apparent. In one circumstance, she's sitting in a tent on the beach eating Hot Cheetos (relatable), while her friends are laughing amongst themselves in the distance.

Images of her in the car with the couple are repeatedly contrasted with visuals of her riding alone, isolated. The music video is explosive, literally. There are layers of clips that feature her hot pink convertible toppling down the side of a cliff in a cloud of smoke and dust, then later erupting into flames as Lindemann dances in front of it.

The video is a deft illustration of a Lindemann who is sick of being left out, and it reflects the passionate and emotional themes of the song. You can check it out in its entirety for yourself below: