Marco Luka Displays Incredible Versatility on “do me wrong”


North Carolina native Marco Luka operates in his own lane. The genre-defying artist can easily hop from style to style while still maintaining a flair for originality. His 2021 singles "big talk" and "pretty little lies" are prime examples of catchy songwriting that manage to deftly subvert expectation set by his growing cult fan base. His newest single, "do me wrong," solidifies this impressive hot streak while flexing his versatility.

"do me wrong" is Luka's most alternative-leaning track to date, incorporating elements of pop punk. "It's such a new direction and sounds so much more raw, and I'm confident it's the right next step for me, just as a person. I'm trying to be a better artist by just being more honest with myself, and that starts with this song" Luka tells us. Similar to past singles, "do me wrong" features Luka's impressive talent for crafting infectious melodies.

"do me wrong" is also accompanied by a music video that matches the punk tone of the single. Produced by Valentin Fritz and Trevor Dering of Fiji Blue as well as Peter Fenn, “do me wrong" is a must-listen for fans of Luka and the perfect starting point for those unfamiliar with the artist. 

Listen to "do me wrong" below: