Marco Luka Shows His True Colors on "get me high"

Hailing from East Coast collective Weston Estate, Marco Luka is quickly making a name for himself as a solo artist. After a year without releases in 2020, Luka hit the ground running this year with a string of releases, including "pretty little lies" and "do me wrong." Luka continues to show off his multifarious compositions with a stripped-back ballad entitled "get me high."

Short, sweet, and straight to the point, the Cuban-American Duke University dropout shows off a new side of himself on "get me high." Highlighting his vocal craft, "get me high" is an intimate and vulnerable track that hooks us right off the bat. At its core, it's a love ballad about irrefutable attraction. A painstaking love where no matter how hard things become, no matter how many times the person they love breaks their heart, there's this intense captivation that keeps them going back for more.

Luka explains he's excited to be releasing a vocal-focused track this time around. It allows him to be able to tell the story without too much going around the vocals. He goes on to tell us, "'get me high' is a beautiful piano ballad with some bass punch. To me, it feels very intimate and vulnerable yet powerful at the same time. The song itself is about being so in love with someone you can't see past it no matter what, almost like something you can't get out of your system. I'm happy to be putting out a song with my vocals at the forefront. I spent a lot of time in the studio with Neek to get the vocals that sounded most vulnerable and the right amount of imperfect. We weren't afraid to kick everyone out when I was writing too, which was mostly a lot of just honest conversation back and forth. I think that helped the song just kind of pour out from me once I knew how I wanted it to feel, and I can’t wait for people to take in the rawness and beauty of this one."

From the lo-fi piano tone, the deep thumping bass, to the ensuing emotional outpour, “get me high" sets itself far apart from anything Luka has released to date. In taking a step back to show us his true colors, Luka reminds us that sometimes you need to take a step back to leap forward. 

Listen to "get me high" below: