Marie Lang’s “Don’t Wanna Go Back” Is Glowing With Femininity [Premiere]


Meet Marie Lang, a neo-soul singer-songwriter trying to balance it all. The up-and-coming Austrian musician is on her way to release her debut EP Body, set for release December 10. But before it arrives, she's unveiled the stunning new electronic-meets-R&B single "Don't Wanna Go Back." 

When sat alongside her previous two singles "Body" and "Comfort Zone," "Don't Wanna Go Back" is a much more pop facing showcasing of Lang's shapeshifting abilities. She won't be put in a box. The song accomplishes its goal of blending the sounds and shapes of both pop and R&B in a way that's unique to Lang. "Don't Wanna Go Back" lyrically finds itself bridging the gap between what was and what wasn't. 

Lang spends "Don't Wanna Go Back" trying to explain the emotional tangles born when a friend becomes a lover. With lyrics like, "Mouth on his neck / Hope my breath hits heavy / Hands longing back / Never thought I'd let him / Hold me like this," there's a sense of female sexuality and exploration on display. It is a topic subtlety being ventured by more and more female artists in the pop space. This feminine energy is sprinkled throughout her forthcoming EP and comes from Lang's own upbringing, being raised by a strong single mother. Lang spoke further on the origins of "Don't Wanna Go Back" origins, sharing, 

"I wrote this song in the first all female session I've ever had. I'm so happy I was put in touch with Sadie Currey and Ester Na, known as The Wildcardz. I've mostly written and produced other songs on the EP with guys (who I all love dearly), but it was special to have a girls squad on this one. 'Don't Wanna Go Back' is about a classic friends-with-benefits situation, where the lines get blurred. I'm super thankful for all the incredible ladies that have been part of this project."

Immerse yourself in the drama and listen to "Don't Wanna Go Back" below: