Matthew Chaim Explores the Bitter-Sweet Nuances of Sacrifice in “Tear”


Though the fruits of a life centered around creative pursuits is abundant, with it inevitably accompanies an element of sacrifice. For artist Matthew Chaim these sacrifices disrupted heart, home, & capital; leaving behind a relationship and stable (but unhappy) life in Montreal practicing finance, Chaim made the difficult decision to let go of the past and move to California in pursuit of genuine self actualization. 

In his second solo release of 2020, Chaim explores the concept of sacrifice in his own life. A fitting theme for a year so heavily characterized by global sacrifice, Chaim poetically reminisces on a past life while embracing the spiritual riches sacrifice so often brings. In his own words,  

"'Tear' is about sacrifice. It's about being pulled in two opposite directions and splitting at the seams. The truth is: I now question whether we do ever 'give up' a part of ourselves and 'become' someone else. But perhaps that's a conversation for another day."  

Co-written and co-produced by frequent collaborators Rabitt and Danny Majic, the trio explore the untethering of the individual from the former over a blossoming, atmospheric instrumental. 

A stunning amalgamation of synthesized and acoustic sounds, the track feels reminiscent of the likes of Phil Collins circa 1981, but filtered through a fresh perspective, indicative of the sonic and technological developments of 21st century. A striking musical parallel to the nostalgia acknowledged in the lyrics, while looking forward to a new beginning, "Tear" is bitter-sweet testimony to the pain and power of sacrifice. 

Watch the music video for "Tear" below!