Maude Latour Captures the Final Days of Normal College Life in “Furniture” Video [Premiere]


Maude Latour is back and better than ever in "Furniture." Arring alongside a video we are ecstatic to premiere here today, Latour takes us on a crazy nostalgia ride to the early 2000s. 

"Furniture" is a succinct energetic bop. The heavy synth and hypnotizing beat create an easy recipe for a standout pop rock single. Beyond just being an outright bop, this song comes is an anthem for anyone who is dealing with a recent heartbreak. An anthem that screams "here's to new beginnings, but first let's get drunk."

The video itself brings bliss. It brings us back to the days of when were free to pack into a small apartment with nothing in mind but enjoying life right then and there. No stress about yesterday. No stress about tomorrow. Just living in the now. 

What's most intriguing about the video is how real it feels. With minimal production and a zero dollar budget, it gives us the feeling of really being there. Latour spoke further on making the video, sharing, 

"The 'Furniture' video was made on one of the last days before Corona ended school. We spent an entire day with so many of my close friends, and we had the literal best time. We were all blown away after. We couldn’t believe how much fun we had. This all takes place in my dorm, with my suitemates, the kids who live on my floor, with a $0 budget. Of course– that’s how I want all my videos. My real life. Nothing else. I can’t get over how much fun we had. I was blown away, yet again, but how the purpose of what I’m doing is ONLY to say whatever I want to say and have a good time with my friends. I wanted the day to last forever. I felt closer to these people than I ever had, I am floored by my friends’ supportive of my art. Truly, they’ve contributed to my soul in a deeper way than I can imagine." 

Latour brings a little joy during an uncertain time for all of us. A reflection of carefree times spent with friends and loved ones, “Furniture" arrived at perfectly the right time. 

Listen to "Furniture" below: