Max Leone Asks Himself Important Questions on “5″

In his new single, "5," Max Leone bravely asks himself, "What have I done? Who have I loved?" Consistent with all of Leone's music thus far, "5" perfectly inhabits an authentic, alternative pop space. The song introduces new production elements, a stripped and slowed down chorus showcasing Leone's falsetto, and a powerful introspective message. What would you do if you only had 5 minutes to live?

Max Leone has come a long way since he first moved to LA. He grew up just one state north, 20 minutes outside Portland, Oregon, and then attended Berklee College of Music for one year. He attests the golden era of Kid Cudi and Kanye West, simultaneous to the beginnings of mainstream electronic music, as inspiring his musical style. Leone had big shoes to fill signing his current deal with Darkroom Records, the same label that's supported Billie Eilish's sensational success.

Leone's journey is a promising one. Three singles he also released in 2020, "Cautious," "The Beach," and "Malleable" have all garnered over one million streams on Spotify. Leone is a pro at guitar and telling honest lyrical stories. "5" is as equally compelling as the others, including a hypnotic aspect supported by the relationship between the rustic electric guitar, drumbeat, and the presence of synth.

Keeping his fans engaged, Leone started a virtual livestream series called "What in The World?" Be sure to tune in to the next one October 24 at 6pm PST on Leone's YouTube channel. Max Leone is my go-to alt-pop artist right now, and he should be yours too!