Max Leone Chases the Ultimate High in “the craziest thing i’ve ever done”

Photo: Clyde Munroe

In his latest single, Max Leone dreams about robbing a bank, throwing the money off a bridge, and jumping in after it. He's found himself in bad scenes and low spirits, all because he wants to feel something. But Leone reveals that "the craziest thing i've ever done" was allowing himself to love someone.

How much I vibe with "the craziest thing i've ever done" comes as no surprise. I've loved all of Max Leone's recent releases, like "5", "Malleable", the Alexander 23-produced "The Beach," and "Cautious." Leone is clearly a burgeoning artist in the pop space. His "smooth vocals and sticky melodies" are impressive, according to Paper, and Pigeons & Planes deemed Leone "One of pop's next young stars".

"the craziest thing i've ever done" arrives as Leone's most romantic and enthralling track to date. The lyrics are confessional. The song's melodies are lo-fi but simultaneously grandiose in their demeanor. The music video is a cinematic invitation into Leone's recklessness and desperation to feel. You cannot pull yourself away from the string-heavy introduction and the shadowy beats, all which culminate in a gut-wrenching chorus. It's dreamy and eerie all in one fell swoop.

Listen to "the craziest thing i've ever done" below: