MAY-A Tells Her Queer Coming-of-Age Story in “Apricots” Video

Sydney-based singer, MAY-A, retells the story of discovering her queerness with her latest single and music video "Apricots." As the 19-year-old exits her own teenage-dom, she wrote the track about her first relationship and how hollow it was in hindsight. "I thought we looked good together, but we had nothing in common," she says now. At the time, the artist had not yet realized that she liked girls and found herself in a relationship with a boy that was "super awkward."

With dreamy, stacked vocals and fuzzy guitar, MAY-A's "Apricots" is an incredibly nostalgic ode to her past self, discovering what (and who) she wanted in one of the most confusing, pivotal times of her life. It feels akin to the writing of Lorde and King Princess, but MAY-A's "Apricots" remains distinct through its light indie rock edge. Though it's a specific story of MAY-A's own self-realization and queerness, abstracted, the story feels like something everyone has experienced.

The story "Apricots" tells is furthered by its music video, released October 14. With tight close ups on a collarbone, an ear, a back of a neck, MAY-A creates a scene that feels incredibly intimate. As MAY-A depicts, love is found in the most personal, minute details. It feels just like a crush as she sings "in my imagination you are mine." Though this is only the young writer's fourth single, MAY-A proves with "Apricots" that she already knows who she is as an artist and what stories she wants to tell.