Meet mazie, the Introverted-Extrovert With “no friends”

We pride ourselves in showing you new, trending, and (honestly) just really good music. mazie is one such artist that we'd love for you to flaunt to your friends, you little A&R king/queen.

Grace Christian, aka mazie, has the bedroom pop sad-lyrics-but-happy-vibe we all love, alongside the personality of our favorite introverted-extroverted bestie. "no friends" is the debut single for mazie and the relatable title speaks for itself, especially in a time when we're all out here dealing with the feeling that we have no friends. The 20-year-old Baltimore native shares these feelings in her self-referential lyrics, singing, "Like I said in the chorus / My life is so boring and so unimportant / Guess I'll call my Mom again cause / I don't have no friends / I don't care I'm not upset / I admit that I'm a mess," 

With the upbeat tempo and the high-pitched laugh complimenting her vocals, we cannot tell if this loneliness even phases mazie, an introverted-extrovert at their truest form. mazie spoke further on her debut single, sharing,

“Elie [Rizk] and I made this song because college can be a really isolating time when you're pursuing something outside of your education (music).  Even though sometimes I do feel like I have no friends, I also can't take myself seriously enough to write a song that doesn't make fun of how I'm feeling. I really love to be self-deprecating and 'no friends’ really embodies how I feel being a social (yet somehow) lonely person.”

Christian finds inspiration from Gwen Stefani and her early 2000's DIY fashion ventures. The young artist can also recite the alphabet blindfolded, ran a semi-successful 1D fan account from the years of 2012-2014, and has a religious Denny's order that consists of: Everyday Value Slam - no meat, extra potatoes, eggs over-easy. We cannot help but stan her music, vision, and "potatoes over meat" mentality. 

Listen to "no friends" below: