Mei River’s New Single Is Nothing Like You’ve Ever Heard


Meet Mei River, aka Fredrik Eriksson. Hailing from Sweden, the distinctive artist wants to use music to say things he normally just wouldn't say. The veil of reality is draped once he starts composing. Be it the production, songwriting, or vocal work, Mei River does it all. And now we have "A Story About Getting Lost," the third single from his debut EP, Tall Trees That Never Fell.

"A Story About Getting Lost" is super unique. From the first thirty seconds, there's a ton to unpack with your ears. It's very much a "guess who's coming to dinner" type of song. A strong kick drum is first to sit down at the table. Then a modern Appalachian banjo takes a seat. Mei River's 1st of many vocal effects arrives in all of its high pitched glory. As he begins to pitch himself much further down, the horns make their way to the table next. There are a few glistening chimes throughout the chorus, and before you know it, dinner's being served and you're right in the thick of it.

It's evident Mei River's worked hard to put many unusual sounds together and turn it into a cheeky swinging pop-funk song. There's so much in "A Story About Getting Lost," and it makes it one of the most interesting listens of summer 2020. His creativity and reach for the non-typical arrangement is remarkable. While his knack for a catchy hook is undeniable.

Listen to "A Story About Getting Lost" and the Tall Trees That Never Fall EP below:

Mei River · Tall Trees That Never Fell