Milq’s “Summer Again” Transports You Directly to the 80′s [Premiere]


Milq is one of those bands you're going to wish you never slept on. These three Canadian artists create a refreshing sound that puts you at ease and can instantly start your day off in a great mood. We're happy to premiere their latest single, "Summer Again", off of their upcoming EP out on June 26.  This is their first single of 2020 and a wonderful kickoff to summer.

"Summer Again" is a song straight out of an 80's summer romance film. Establishing a story line of a love that never worked out on both ends. It leaves you in your own thoughts about how you may feel like you've already met the love of your life and let it slip through the palms of your hands. The band states:

"When new love hasn't been working out for so long, we tend to revert back to past relationships and feel like we let the right person get away. Our new song, "Summer Again," romanticizes past experiences of young love. It is taken from our debut EP, tired. We self-produced each song in the collection. "Summer Again" embodies a nostalgic vibe sonically, with guitars that enhance the lyrics' story. This track almost entirely came together in a single day."

The production on the song is what makes the single truly stand out. From the authentic 80's synth to the breathy vocals, the song screams nostalgia. The shimmering strums on the dream poppy guitar accompany the punchy snare hits and deep tom fills perfectly; you could easily mistake this as a song from a long time ago. Summer is going to be the time for a lot of emerging artists, and Milq's "Summer Again" is going to be one of those tunes that will set the group apart from the others.