Mind Bath - “Scorpio” | Live at Black Rabbit Rose

Mind Bath's music flows forth like hushed poetry, hinting at the deeply-held sentiments and experiences that lie just beyond the surface of his otherworldly R&B. Combining his evocative poetry with striking production, intimate vocals, and velvety smooth R&B, the Toronto-based artist floats in a world all his own creation. Currently working towards his long-awaited debut album, BABY CAN YOU FREE YOUR MIND, set to release May 31, we had the pleasure of showcasing Mind Bath on a more personal level.

After inviting the one-of-a-kind Toronto artist all the way to Black Rabbit Rose on the infamous Hollywood strip, we are elated to present with you the magic we experienced that night. Delivering an ethereal performance of his standout single "Scorpio," it is no wonder as to why the air seems to palpably shift when Mind Bath steps onto the stage.