Montell Fish’s “and i’d go a thousand miles” Is a Track Worth Going the Distance For

Montell Fish's music is how sitting by a campfire on a perfect autumn night feels. Surrounded by warmth, the artist organically injects emotion into his music with his silky smooth strings and lucid lyricism. Following his series of passion-filled singles from 2021, Montell Fish inaugurates the new year with "and i'd go a thousand miles," a calmative commencement to a fresh slate.

Captured by Montell's breathtaking singing and enticing electric guitar, you're immediately drawn into the tune with no choice but to follow his voice for a way out. His simple yet effective songwriting guides you through each step, as you accompany Montell while he searches for answers. His pleading vocals ponder on fleeting sentiments, "Still holding on / Why can't I let you go? / A thousand miles beyond / But you're still in control." 

Each note reverberates through the body, giving time for every word to be etched into your soul, leaving you asking for clarity. By the time Montell's guitar solo interlude comes in, you're already stuck in a dizzying state of mind. But his resounding rhythm creates a sense of comfort that ultimately leads you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Although Montell is known for using his craft as a conduit for his faith, we're unsure if the song is about worship, in the divine or earthly sense, or simply dedicated to himself or a passerby. In his YouTube video description, he dedicates "and i'd go a thousand miles" to Jamie, the name that also serves as his Twitter bio. Regardless, the enigmatic artist doesn't owe us any explanation. As with any great song, you don't need to know the backstory to feel its lasting effect.

Listen to "and i'd go a thousand miles" below: