Montell Fish Fleshes Out His Creative Journey With the Breathtaking “Wings”

New York-based artist Montell Fish's creative vision is nothing short of captivating. Spanning multiple disciplines and blending new age gospel and soul with lush electronic-infused soundscapes, the rising artist speaks to a new generation of creatives who truly feel limitless in scope. "Wings" is the latest byproduct of this multidisciplinary approach to music, art, and creation.

Built around a minimalistic and delicate soundscape accentuated by iridescent production flourishes and guitar plucks that float in and out of existence, Montell delivers his repeated verses with an unshakable poise that is outright hypnotic. "Wings" is a track that when taken apart seems simple in scope, yet each of its meticulously placed sonic components morph together to tell an uplifting story of perseverance and finding the strength to move on and forward. "I'm gonna go spread my wings / Soaring through the blue sky / You don't gotta worry about me," sings Montell, the repeated lines echoing out like a mantra until they bask him in a heavenly atmosphere of his own creation.

"Wings" is not just a mesmerizing new single from Montell, but the final part of a three-part short film directed by Caleb Wild, titled before it gets too dark, which was preceded by visual accompaniments for previous singles "talk 2 me" and "natural high." The video revolves around themes of loneliness and interconnectedness, with New York serving as the creative backdrop for it all. 

Listen to "Wings" below: