Morray Is Pushing Hip-Hop’s Boundaries With His Authentic and Heartfelt Singles

Expanding the horizon of hip-hop with his earnest writing and vocal style, Morray is certainly an artist paving his own path to success. Though things are picking up for the North Carolina singer/rapper, there were times when the future didn't look too promising.

Everything changed at the end of October last year, when Morray released the video for "quicksand." Since then, the video has amassed more than 23 million views, and Morray quickly began making headlines for his unique synthesis of R&B, trap, and Southern hip-hop. Today, Morray has around 2 million monthly Spotify listeners, a significant social media following, and a story to tell.

Since "quicksand" went viral, Morray has released five other singles - each one critically acclaimed and carefully produced. Many of his tracks like "quicksand" or "kingdom" focus on a narrative of perseverance, responsibility, and the importance of being authentic both before and after fame. Morray told Genius that "quicksand" was created partially out of a desire to be himself and recount his own struggle, while also counting his blessings and the mistakes he avoided. It seems that this choice paid off, as the popularity of "quicksand" propelled him onto hip-hop's main stage as one of 2021's most promising new artists.

Like some of his contemporaries including RMR and Rod Wave, one of the biggest appeals to Morray is his mastery of songwriting while blending together uncommon musical styles. On "dreamland," Morray combines the soulfulness of Big K.R.I.T. with the bounce of Outkast to produce something that is entirely his own - all while recounting the trauma of his broken childhood, and the pressure he feels to provide for others before himself. There is a tangible sense of community to each of his tracks, which becomes amplified by their respective videos full of group shots and personal moments.

Morray's most recent single, "kingdom," was released earlier this month providing fans with a unique combination of soulful piano chords and trap percussion. On the track he raps, "I still dream about the money now it’s easier to reach it / I'm still grasping at the bag ‘cause lord knows that I need it," reflecting a moment of vulnerability where Morray admits that despite the luxuries of fame, his struggles are far from over. Though he is in the midst of a career that many artists dream of, he is always motivated to succeed further.

Though relatively new, Morray is an artist full of potential - from his writing, vocal performances, and affinity for boundary-pushing styles. Many of his tracks reflect the hardship of coming from humble beginnings, but despite this, Morray provides an infectious and motivating energy to each one. As his career and artistry evolve, Morray is certainly an artist to keep your eye out for.