Mura Masa and slowthai’s “Deal Wiv It” Is Unapologetically English


Photo: Lillie Eiger

Finally, some music that makes you want to get up and do something! English talent Mura Masa and voice of the youth slowthai have teamed up to deliver us a full-on riot pop anthem.

"Deal Wiv It" possesses real toss-me-around, so what if I chip a tooth energy. The entire song is unapologetically English. Mura Masa is more than just a talented producer; he's an architect of sound. Through each of his latest singles, including "Deal Wiv It," he's able to build a world of the past within the present. His music evokes nostalgia. 

Both slowthai's vocally dramatic presence and Mura Masa's stellar overlaying ribbed guitar, gritty bass work, and tick-tocking high hats create a realm filled with relaxed chaos. It is the enthralling vision of someone calmy narrating the world around you as it crumbles. This is new wave. This is post-punk. 

Visually, slowthai is a thrill to watch in the accompanying video to "Deal Wiv It." Somewhere in Serbia, slowthai runs through an apartment parking lot as a camera follows his every move. He looks like a total renegade, hopping over curbs, and flipping off the camera in his slowthai branded boxers. The entire affair is a moment of contained, euphoric chaos.

Watch the video for "Deal Wiv It" below!