MyKey Says Goodbye to a Toxic Relationship in “Please Don’t Go”


Photo: Axel Kabundji

When the artist MyKey dropped "Was It Something I Said" last year, we were all ears. We dug into his back catalogue and found "Untitled Unloved" and consider ourselves hooked. Now, the one-of-a-kind artist has released "Please Don't Go," and it is safe to say, MyKey, you have unlocked our hearts (pun fully intended).

This latest release is a continuation of a story that started with "Was It Something I Said," a narration of a crumbling relationship, hanging on by a thread and filled with uncertainty. We now have the later half of the story, the sardonic "Please Don't Go," which is really saying, please don't let the door hit you on the way out. 

The production portrays the sense of freedom one would find after letting go of a toxic relationship. MyKey's voice coos the titular "Please Don't Go" and then follows with the hard hitting truth of, "I sleep better alone / It's so uncomfortable with you star fishing all night long / Now I'm tired while I'm tired of your shit every day / I think I'm staying at home / Don't even charge my phone ‘cause I don't wanna talk to you / It's hard to leave when all I know is life in a cage"

The new Warner Records signee writes all of his songs from a pocket of deep empathy and typically about situations that happen to people in his life rather than himself. This leaves a slight mystery to who he truly is. What we do know about him though, is that he eats cereal with chopsticks, orders Lego sets at 3 a.m., and lives his life in carefree, unexpected fashion. 

Listen to MyKey's farewell, and say bon voyage to your toxic relationship too: