Myles Cameron Creates a Chilly Late-Night Atmosphere in “LED”


It's been a cold, cold winter, even in California where Myles Cameron is bottling the energy of the chill breeze and gloomy skies. Cameron is no newcomer to our pages, we have been following his emotive vocals for some time now, and he's back with another tune to take you through a lonely night. 

"LED" is the second track from Cameron's forthcoming EP, Black Sheep. The track evokes the same lost, empty feeling that he paints a captivating sonic portrait of. The 22-year-old artist spoke further on the new single, sharing,

"'LED' was one of the first demos we made after Lonely Suburban Black Boy and pretty much set the tone for where I wanted this project to live. It's dark and hazy and processed. It was inspired by a moment of intimacy I had with someone where neither of us were really looking for anything more out of it at the time."

Those few sparing seconds where you're absolutely present, almost confused at where life has just placed you. In front of someone, letting your walls down, feeling safe in the fact that no matter what happens there will be no further story with them. 

Cameron's producer, Frankie Scoca, elevates the lyricism and emotion that is already evidently present. The duo is making waves with the music they are creating. We'll have this song on repeat, and, in the meantime, we'll be counting down the days until we can fully indulge in the world of Black Sheep.

Listen to "LED" below: