Niko Rose Is Endearing, Relatable, and Incredibly Catchy on ‘Sleeping Bag’


The Arizona-based Niko Rose knows how to put a song together. His easygoing demeanor, youthful energy, and funk-fused production are nostalgic odes to childhood and growing up. Rose embodies these ideas on the short yet memorable EP titled Sleeping Bag.

The lead single "Ferry Ride" captures his charm well. The track is sentimental, introspective and incredibly catchy. Niko's laid back delivery compliments the stripped back production and gives the entire track a vintage feeling. "Concrete" is another stand out moment on the EP. The track is skeletal with production from Pete "Scum" Nebula and Niko himself. "Concrete" is  captivating and leaves you replaying it over and over.

Sleeping Bag is a straightforward artistic expression of Niko's sound and musical identity. All 6 tracks on the project help build a full picture of Niko and what makes his music so special. The optimistic outlook and introspective writing make Niko one of the most relatable and endearing new artists.

Listen to Sleeping Bag by Niko Rose below: