Nina Cobham Is Manchester’s Next Big Thing


Something's in the water again in Manchester. 

Nina Cobham is the bilingual Manchester sensation delivering bedroom R&B worthy of immense critical praise. With only two official singles released thus far, her sultry vocals are soothing enough to entice even the stiffest of souls. The indie songwriter's sweet new song "Sola" is wonderfully confident and breezy.  

Cobham began her musical journey writing songs and playing them with only an acoustic accompaniment. Only recently has she ventured into producing and exploring an even grander version of her sound. With the help of producer Mattu, "Sola" and its swinging melody blossoms, creating a sense of relaxation in this time of great tension. 

Though she calls Manchester home, Cobham spent her youngest years in Spain. Her bilingual talent is something she's chosen to highlight within her music, joining the likes of maye and Biig Piig. "Sola," meaning 'alone' in Spanish, isn't short of satin-like Spanish vocal moments. There's an unspoken flavor throughout the song, a sort of jazzy soul and air of sophistication.

Listen to "Sola" below: