Noah Cunane’s “Medicine” Music Video Hits Different


Photo: Luke Fenstermaker

It is difficult to find the right words to describe the lasting pain of a breakup. The constant desire for closure, not understanding what you might have done wrong to deserve the dreadful feeling of losing someone you pictured forever with. The struggle to find direction, the loss of hope, and the reckless things you encounter to fill the void of losing your significant other is unbearable. Noah Cunane's short, but sweet new music video to his single "Medicine" is a therapeutic visual that you're not going through this alone.

In his new music video, Cunane portrays the victim of a hopeless breakup. Convinced it didn't really happen, but coping with the fact that he's left alone in a world without love. 

The dark visuals, hazy room, and emptiness of the apartment represent the emptiness he is feeling in his heart. The video itself is a feast for the eyes. Each shot transitions to the next with ease, gifting us with pleasant imagery that perfectly complements the meaning behind the song. Cunane spoke further on "Medicine," sharing,

"'Medicine' is a song about the feeling of being trapped by your own demons and not knowing how to get out. When you’re in a relationship or friendship and you feel like you have messed it all up and you don’t know how to get that person back into your life. Then not knowing how to get them back drives you crazy and you turn to anything to help mask the pain of hurt you caused by not facing your inner demons.“ 

Cunane's new music video is easily relatable and sympathetic. The lyrics in "Medicine" hit close to home for many of us dealing with the loss of someone we once loved. I suppose it's true what they say - music really is the best therapy.

Watch the "Medicine" video below: