nobody nobody Proves They Mean Business on "NOTMYFAULT"

Following up on their epic debut, the dynamic duo of nobody nobody is back with a vibrant new single, "NOTMYFAULT." After the colossal amount of support the boys in nobody nobody got after their first release, they had to make sure they followed up in a big way. So, what better way than to release a song about shrugging off an ex and refusing to take any responsibility? These childhood best friends have one goal in mind, and it doesn't involve anyone but each other and making killer tunes.

Written and recorded in Austin's childhood bedroom, they've developed a new wave of abstract pop music that falls in place with artists like Dominic Fike and Remi Wolf. The lyrics are memorable, leaving an extremely catchy hook embedded into your mind. They type of hook you'll unconsciously be repeating over and over throughout the day. They put the use of repetition within lyrics to help create some of the catchiest music being put out right now.

While the lyrics hook you in, the further you dig deeper into "NOTMYFAULT", you grow a strong appreciation for the production put into the song itself. Written and produced by just the two of them, it shows their versatility as artists. Understanding your own brand, image and sound is something tons of artists are in constant struggle with, but nobody nobody fully understands what they're meant to be doing. This is just the beginning for these two, and with this hard hitting single, they've proved that they mean business. We couldn't be more hyped on the future of nobody nobody.