NoMBe Tackles Toxic Masculinity in the Cosmic “Boys Don’t Cry”


NoMBe has made a name for himself on the back of emotionally-laden, genre-fusing flights of the imagination. The same can be said of his latest endeavor - CHROMATOPIA, a wildly adventurous concept album that details everything from break-ups to color theory. Set to release May 7 via TH3RD BRAIN Records, "Boys Don't Cry" arrives as the latest peek into the singer, songwriter, and producer's kaleidoscopic world.

"Boys Don't Cry" floats though as if unbound by gravity, weightless and carefree in its effervescent daydream. It is a sonic backdrop that directly counters the song's weightier themes of isolation, uncertainty, fear, and notions of masculinity. And it is a battle of sonics and emotions that seems to culminate in the song's final moments, gifting the listener with a Daft Punk-evoking cosmic bout of catharsis.

NoMBe spoke further on the single, sharing, "The concept really came from my fear of breaking up with my partner. Just looking at it and being like 'where do we go from here…' It was during a time I felt very overwhelmed by life and my relationships. I just felt lonely and isolated and it somehow formed into the lyrical 'space-theme' you hear on 'Boys Don’t Cry' and many of the other album's songs."

In addition to the new single, "Boys Don't Cry" also arrives hand-in-hand with an accompanying visual that provides subtle allusions to his sophomore album, CHROMATOPIA, as well as just being an overall feast for the eyes.

Listen to "Boys Don't Cry" below: