Old Fashioned Lover Boy Lets His Soul Loose with “I Pray” [PREMIERE]


Old Fashioned Lover Boy is the blossoming brainchild of Alessandro Panzeri, and “I Pray” is the brilliant new offering under his recently established moniker. Produced by Marco Giudici (Any Other, Leude, Generic Animal), “I Pray” is an introspective tune that explores the importance of self-care before even considering the pursuit of a potential romantic partner. 

Old Fashioned Lover Boy exclusively shared with Ones to Watch:

“‘I Pray’ is about the feeling of solitude and misunderstanding that each of us has had at least once in our life, when you feel you deserve more fulfillment from your life. The track is not strictly biographical, but it does encompass a feeling I’ve felt before.”

With “I Pray” featuring a gorgeous piano score with comforting hints of jazz, Panzeri’s soft crooning ties the luscious track together. His soothing vocals blend effortlessly with every pleasant guitar strum as the calming “I Pray” leaves you feeling wholesome and revived. Having previously focused on acoustic guitar driven melodies, Old Fashioned Lover Boy has shifted to more piano-based tunes with enticing bursts of soul and R&B that offer a beautifully layered soundscape. 

On “I Pray,” Old Fashioned Lover Boy reminisced:

“I care deeply about this track because it was among the first I wrote on the piano. I had an old song that I never published or completed and after playing it on the piano for the first time, I came up with new melodies and ideas; from there, it all started, and I completed it in a few minutes.” 

With this delectable tune serving as our first taste of Panzeri since his 2016 debut album, Our Love Will Be Made Up Of Simple Things, Old Fashioned Lover Boy is more than ready to reveal himself to the music community as an evolved artist. 

Pamper yourself with Old Fashion Lover Boy’s “I Pray” below and presave the song before its Jan. 25 release: