Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike, and Kenny Beats Tackle Unrequited Love in “Hit Me Up”


Kenny Beats has been on one. Putting aside his impact on modern hip-hop, the past few months have seen him produce both Omar Apollo's most recent release "Frío" and Dominic Fike's song of the summer, "Phone Numbers." The logical conclusion to these standout collaborations takes shape in "Hit Me Up."

"Hit Me Up" sees Dominic Fike and Omar Apollo skirting over a Kenny Beats production in characteristically cool fashion, all while detailing passing feelings of unrequited love. Setting the stage with a hypnotic bass-led opening, Apollo enters the spotlight to flex his admiration for classic R&B, cooing lines of indifference and inevitable infatuation, " Said I've got some time I'm abusing / Change my mind if you ever switch it up / And I'll waste my time if you pursue me." Not one to linger on romantic misgivings for too long, "Hit Me Up" quickly picks up the tempo as Apollo dips between nearly-slurred, intimate delivery and heavenly confessionals.    

Our final player enters the scene in the form of Fike, who exists as a sort of shape-shifting enigma in the space of pop, anti-pop, and hip-hop. The Fike we have here is the latter, assisting with a knockout verse that carries with it his penchant for delivering sonic moments you will not soon forget. 

Altogether, "Hit Me Up" is more than a track detailing a burning feeling of unrequited love backed by impeccable production. This is a showcasing of music's future power players and what they do best.

Listen to "Hit Me Up" below: