Omar Apollo Revives Indie-Funk with ‘Friends’ EP Ahead of ‘The Voyager’ Tour


Photo Credit: Aiden Cullen

Ladies and gentlemen, please strap your seat belts before we launch into a thrilling trek of emotions through Omar Apollo's world of Friends ahead of 'The Voyager' tour. With the star quality of an established rockstar and the fresh-faced ambition of an up-and-comer from the midwest, Apollo consistently blows us away with his flawless weaving of bedroom pop and R&B. Thinking back to when we highlighted Apollo's "brakelights" nearly two years ago, it's no doubt that he has grown considerably–instrumentally and lyrically. Nowadays, we see Apollo crafting the most precious of melodies and touching on the most personal of issues with his new Friends EP.

Within the first ten seconds of Friends, we're instantly blasted into Apollo's solar system of groovy guitars and funky bass lines in "Ashamed." Apollo's darling falsettos layered with retro instrumentals in "Ashamed" are contrasted by "Kickback," an atmospheric track drenched with electronic stylings accompanied by acoustic strumming. The melancholic title-track, "Friends" explores Apollo's struggles with unrequited love through a charming lullaby that'll trouble your dear heart.

The dimensional interlude, "There For Me" focuses on Apollo's development as an individual through honest lyricism and booming percussion. Channeling Apollo's experimental side in "Hearing Your Voice," this is a haunting ballad about moving on from a broken relationship. Apollo then transports us to a suitable disco floor with "So Good," a classic funk-fueled drizzled with luscious harmonies and good vibes all around. Friends then leaves us with "Trouble," a pleasurable telling of Apollo's atmospheric soundscape with soulful crooning and timeless acoustics.

Host a much-deserved listening party with your besties and blast Omar Apollo's incredible new Friends EP below:

Catch Omar Apollo on 'The Voyager' tour with fellow Ones To Watch Role Model and Ambar Lucid this spring!