Peach Tree Rascals Is Cruising Through the “Summa” with the Sunniest Flow


Photo Credit: Jorge Olazaba

Although Peach Tree Rascals isn’t from Southern California, they’re treating us to an unapologetically sun-soaked track that may as well be blasted at every pool party: “Summa.” The cross-genre collective is comprised of producer/mixer Dominic Pizano, rappers-singers Isaac Pech, Tarrek Khaliq, Joseph Barros, and creative director Jorge Olazaba. Together, the Peach Tree Rascals made their debut with the slow-burning “Glide” in 2018 and have released eight more singles since then, so they should definitely be on your radar before their career takes off.

The story of Peach Tree Rascals begins in high school, which is where plenty of mistakes have been made… But it’s safe to say that this eclectic project is nowhere near being a mistake. Pech, who had been writing his own raps throughout school, took it upon himself to collaborate with Khaliq, Pizano, and Barros on creating a rap collective that has no boundaries or limits. Coming in hot as the group’s creative director, Olazaba offered his services for photography and videography that showcase Peach Tree Rascals’ distinct image.

Peach Tree Rascals draws inspiration from almost anywhere, but some of their most notable influences are Kendrick Lamar and John Mayer. Because of their wide array of tastes, the Bay Area collective manages to impeccably fuse together elements of alternative jazz, funk and hip hop into their self-released discography. To top it off, the Peach Tree Rascals fellas are mostly second generation Americans so they have an immigrant mentality when it comes to their self-funded projects and work ethic.

Peach Tree Rascals’ refreshing new single, “Summa” is by far their most upbeat, feel good tune to have ever existed. Drenched with cheerful electronics and charming choruses, “Summa” is all about letting loose in the summertime with great friends and even better vibes. This breezy song really encompasses the summer spirit we’re all reminded of from our youthful days.

On “Summa,” Peach Tree Rascals reflected,

“We made ‘Summa’ late one night on one of our first writing trips to LA. When I think of summer, it reminds [me] of long days and long nights doing stupid shit with my friends. During this time of year, I’m always living carefree and all the other things on my mind go on hold. I always had this mindset of living out my youth while it lasts–especially in the ‘Summa.’”

The accompanying music video for “Summa” is fully decked out with summer vibes as palm trees are spotted in the background of nearly every shot. From smoking blunts to dancing on cars, this lighthearted visual is a joyous time all around, and it’ll convince you to hop aboard the Peach Tree Rascals train in no time.