Peach Tree Rascals’ “Oh Honey!” Visual Is an to Ode Love Through the Ages


If there's any band that knows how to keep their fans fed, it's Peach Tree Rascals. Since releasing their debut EP Camp Nowhere earlier this year, the San Jose-based band has been treating listeners with visuals from their latest release. This week Peach Tree Rascals return with the video for "Oh Honey!," a slow and saccharine love song perfect for your spring or summer fling. It's tender, it's sweet, and it's sentimental, so if you aren't in a committed relationship, this visual may have you running to the club to solicit phone numbers.

Inspired by their quarantine trips to Yosemite, Peach Tree Rascals' Camp Nowhere synthesizes the band’s affinity for genre-bending and songwriting with a distinct refreshing feeling that only the outdoors can provide. And luckily, "Oh Honey!" is just that. 

Though the track begins with steady guitar chords and minimalistic percussion, "Oh Honey!" gradually transforms into a medley of perfectly polished vocals, strings, and piano as the song begins to take shape. Peach Tree Rascal's writing is meaningful and bittersweet - qualities that only become amplified by the track's lofty and ethereal vocal layers that will keep you playing this track on repeat.

The visual for "Oh Honey!" reflects the track's beautiful-yet-bittersweet feel by juxtaposing scenes of band members performing on stage or in a field of flowers, with scenes reflecting a time-forged love lost in its old age. The Kids Don't Know-directed visual sports a distinct film grain that lends a sense of nostalgia to the already rememory-themed video. Whether you decide to fixate on the cheese-to-cracker ratio during scenes of Peach Tree Rascal's idyllic and romantic picnic or the subtle intricacies in their marching band outfits, the band certainly pulled out all the stops for the "Oh Honey!" video.

In the wake of Camp Nowhere's release, many fans are still hoping that new music is coming down the Peach Tree Rascals pipeline soon. Luckily, it seems like the constant stream of visuals will be enough to tide over ravenous fans until then.

Watch the "Oh Honey! (I Love You)" video below: