Personal Trainer Channels Late Night Drives in “Red Light”


Dubbed "Your Mom's Favorite Artist to Workout to in 1985," Personal Trainer is the touch of the past and the hint of the future we had no idea we needed. The Nashville-based pop outfit draws inspiration from The Marías, Men I Trust, and '80s aerobics classes. Need I say more? With their ethereal vocals and tender production, Personal Trainer is here to whisk up an unbeatable, dreamlike vibe.

The duo's otherworldly new single, "Red Light," is merely the second taste of Personal Trainer we have been fortunate enough to indulge in. Following the release of their debut single "Obsessed," "Red Light" offers the purest synths and the moodiest of percussion to create a nostalgic aura that sinks deep into our memories. The "Red Light" lyric video is just as enjoyable, as we sit in on a late-night car ride through the vivacious city.

Personal Trainer may only have a couple of singles to their name thus far, but their music is able to create a world all its own. It is a world that exists just behind the alluring haze of a daydream you cannot quite fully recall. 

Watch the "Red Light" lyric video below: