The Spirit of the ‘90s Is Alive in Phabo and Destin Conrad’s “Slippery” Visual


The great R&B drought of 2021 has been rough, but luckily Soulection's own Phabo returns with the video for "Slippery," his first single of 2021. Though it's been a while since his last release, the LA artist is sparing no expense on his newest visual, providing fans with a soulful '90s vibe for an equally nostalgic track. 

Featuring a guest appearance from Florida singer-songwriter Destin Conrad, "Slippery" sees Phabo returning full force on a slow and seductive banger that will leave listeners ruminating over a potential love interest that may not even exist.

If you're unfamiliar with Phabo's music, "Slippery" is the perfect place to start. His affinity for pulling vintage sounds out of the past with a modern twist is almost unparalleled, sounding like some sort of love child between Nelly, Destiny's Child, Masego, and Ant Clemons. 

From the incredible vocal layers on the track's bridge to its early aughts guitar track, "Slippery" is a journey through R&B's golden years. Phabo doesn't just emulate this era, however, as his vocal performance lends a modern feel that makes "Slippery" something entirely unique, especially as his voice careens into his upper register.

The video for "Slippery," directed by Saru Hagher, gracefully mirrors Phabo's immaculate neo-nostalgic vibe. Abstract VHS-grain shots of Phabo's romantic interest are shown alongside abstract images and Destin Conrad overlooking a city. The lighting is immaculate; the red light on Destin evokes memories of late-night hangouts, and the amber spotlight on Conrad and his record player definitely gives off serious Usher energy. Los Hendrix's production works to magnify this nostalgic feeling even further on this sentimental yet forward-thinking track.

Though "Slippery" may be the first release from Phabo this year, I’m definitely hoping that more music is on the horizon. Phabo's chemistry with Destin Conrad, who released his debut LP COLORWAY earlier this year, is off the charts. 

Watch the “Slippery” video below: